Have any questions not answered in this FAQ?

Feel free to email us your question at support@bbzstaking.net

Are there better cuts than 50-50?

While anything is possible for the right player, you should apply expecting a 50-50 cut as anything else is extremely unlikely.

When do deals end?

Deals end after their agreed upon expiration and once all makeup is returned. Deals are not closed until all makeup (funds owed) has been cleared and returned.

Does BBZ Staking provide staking for players that haven't generated profits lifetime?

We only provide stakes for games that people are currently beating. If overall the player is struggling but they have a niche where they win we'll invest in the niche!

Can I progress through the limits under BBZ Staking?

Absolutely! That's our goal, to get you playing as high and as profitably as we possibly can!

How much coaching do I get with BBZ Staking?

We strive to provide more coaching than any other staking solution available! We provide five live scheduled coaching sessions per week and have 1-1 coaching sessions for players who are struggling. The head coaches are also available in real time to answer any questions you have about the game. As far as we know there is nothing out there this comprehensive.

Do you stake players living/playing from the United States?

No, unfortunately we do not have a solution available at this time for US sites. Once the situation in the US becomes regulated please check back with us!

How much am I expected to play?

We expect poker to be played 25 days per month or more for a minimum of five hours per day.

Do I need additional security on my account beyond the password?

Yes, we require a Pokerstars Pin or RSA token if the bulk of our funds are held on Pokerstars. We expect similar security for the other sites where possible.